November 13, 2020

An Orchid Helped Me Conserve Electricity, Delightfully

by christopherabdo

This orchid, with the common name of "green bird" and the scientific name of Brassavola x Cattleya hybrid...romanced me into saving electricity. 

I always knew I should be turning lights off to conserve electricity. So I would guiltily push and prod myself to remember to do it. 

Then this gorgeous Green Bird showed up in my life. 

There is a secret (well not really a secret to orchid nerds) about this orchid. It is incredibly fragrant.'s the magic: it's only fragrant at night...and it must be dim/dark to trigger the fragrance. 

So now I'm uber excited to turn lights off, because nature, through this little tough-as-nails orchid, delighted my senses. A sweet reward. 

I've never turned off lights the same way again. Nature nurtures goodness in you. I love it. 

Has nature every brought something good from your heart? Made you kinder or stronger or better in some way? Share in the comments. 


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