November 19, 2020

Part 3: Nancy’s First Guide to Grow Apartment Food in 14 Days (How to Enjoyably Start)

by christopherabdo

In Part 3 of this guide, I'll be showing the steps to getting started with microgreens...BUT with a twist. 

Instead of my No B.S. Guide (can you tell I've read and tried lots of things with microgreens that didn't work so well? yeah...that's why I'm writing these guides) we'll be setting this up as if my sister Nancy was wanting to get into growing some fresh microgreens for the first time. 

A little bit about Nancy's background with plants (and if read the 20 ways you've  heard this story before) think a while back we were talking about plants,  and Nancy said "oh, I'm not so good with plants". I said really? Why's that? She said "well, I had a cactus once, but I think it died because...I never watered it" Umm what?! You'd have to go like a YEAR without watering it! 

A little more about Nancy: 

"I’m Nancy Hoeninghaus, a Cuban with a German last name and a perpetual work in progress. I’ve been married to my high school sweetheart for 26 years and am a mom to the two most awesome humans in the history of ever."

In her blog and YouTube channel...

 One day, you may see a decor update or simple DIY project and the next day you could see a post where I share my feelings with some practical takeaways or a post I wrote hoping to inspire. Sometimes, I might even write something just to make you laugh or share a lovely marriage or family moment I want to record in the pages of my blog. My only goal is to be authentic and share what makes me happy. 

So how would Nancy go about a microgreen adventure? We'd start small, and start with something that could cherish her love of interior design. I want to preface by saying that this might not actually be the bees knees. In other words, we might try some microgreens...but its really when she plants a container garden that attracts butterflies, or a fragrance garden, or helping underprivileged schools get outdoor lessons, or when she gets dirty outside (that would surprise me!) that something sparks joy. Since I didn't know what I needed (garden plot) to start a love story with nature, I super especially have no idea what would be the most meaningful for Nancy. 

So, because I have to guess, I'm starting small...something that will fit on the kitchen island: 

We're going to do a little pot of microgreens, that will add some fresh greens and color to the decor...and a burst of flavor and nutrition to Nancy and family's next meal. 

Oh and one more note: I asked Nancy to try this out, but in a perfect world, I would have a huge garden and greenhouse filled with all kinds of ways to experience nature in a new way, so that in just a few hours, we do something in the spirit of Marie Kondo but in reverse...we go outside of our homes, find what in nature sparks joy, and, with hearts aflutter and a new found love for nature, clear out a space to make that happen in our home or garden...with a clear set of steps for the best chance of success. 

So tune in next time, where I’ll be showing, step-by-step, the process for starting small, with microgreens.


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