November 20, 2020

Aruguland, Focus & Attainable Goals in the Garden

by christopherabdo

How do you find your focus when you want to do everything? How do you make progress when your efforts are diluted in 100 different directions...? How do you stretch yourself to grow, without being unrealistic about your own resources and what's accomplishable? And, most importantly, how do you grow Arugula? 

In my garden, I have felt overwhelmed. I'm growing so many different plants, that all have different needs, different research projects to address those needs and different timelines...all happening at the same time. 

Meanwhile, my balcony is full of new pots and plants and projects going on...I have a little pond with fish, I have 4 new huge planters going...I have bird feeders, sprouts, etc. 

So here's what I'm going to do:

I'm going to pick ONE plant (arugula) and, although I obviously have to care for all the plants I have now, every chance I get, I will research, grow, sow, write about etc. Arugula. 

Arugula is for sure something I've grown before...but not very well. I grow the sprouts well and easily...but past that,  it gets pests...or a frost or heat or something will knock it out. 

I believe though, that if I gave it special focus, I could really get some success with it. 

So by emphasizing Arugula, I'll be: 

  • Slashing away the garden overwhelm 
  • Have a clear focal point for improving my gardening skills 
  • Work towards  something that at least appears attainable: some really healthy luscious arugula indoors and out. 

I'll also be looking at Arugula from many different angles: 

How would an apartment dweller grow arugula indoors? 

How would a permaculturist grow arugula? 

How would a professional market-garden farmer grow arugula for sale? 

So, welcome to Aruguland. Here. We. Go! 

Have you grown Arugula? Drop a comment or send me a message! 

Have questions about growing Arugula? Drop a comment or send me a message and I will bring your questions to the experts 😉


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