November 20, 2020

To Truly Contribute to Your Life…

by christopherabdo

I have a deep desire to contribute to life by contributing to your well-being through re-framing how we relate to nature, educating, sharing and creating new experiences that uncover that innate human need for nature. 

The tricky part, is how do I this in a way that truly contributes to your life? 

The strategies I've used in the past, haven't worked so well. Here's partly why...I'll paraphrase Dr. Yvette, specific to my situation: 


'When you get grounded in your own deep desire to contribute, stay there. Let that need help you attune to the situation. Then you ask yourself:

This person, in their perspective, where they are at in their lives...I wonder what they would experience, as the most meaningful contribution to their well-being...and then I ask about that.

I don't decide "oh! you need nature, so I'm going to help you get aware of your needs because I've decided that THAT is what you need because that's what I need and so..."

Stay grounded. I have a deep desire to contribute to your well being, then I stay with are you? What would contribute to your life?

And it may have nothing to do with nature. It might be "let's sit and have a cup of coffee and talk about how much I love trucks'.

THIS is why what I'm attempting to simple, yet hard. Simply hard. What I love about this though, is that it's going to help give this vision of the world, deep, strong roots. 

So...let's break some ground. Try this out with someone you care about, or with a stranger, or with a plant. Let me know, how it goes. 


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