November 21, 2020

1 Minute Arugula Microgreen Tutorial

by christopherabdo


1. Weber 7.5x5.5 aluminium drip pans

 Amazon Link for Drip Pans 

3. Coco Coir Seedling Mix

Amazon Link for Seedling Mix 

4. Arugula Seeds  One Teaspoon...maybe two, if you’re feeling dangerous.

SproutPeople Link 

(you can also buy arugula seeds at your local garden center if you just want to try this cheaply...same with all the other supplies besides drip pans...go to hardware store or grocery store for those) 

5. Little jar...find one around the house.

6. Cute spoon

7. A bucket (if you are needing to pre-moisten your coco-coir brick)


These are quick and sloppy right now...but don't worry, I'll answer your questions, just subscribe so you'll know when I'll have a live arugula-sowing and tutorial up 😃 

step 1

Soak Arugula Seeds at least 6 hrs or Overnight 

Why? You don't have to do this, but I love my seeds pre-soaked because then the soil doesn't have to be as moist, preventing mold...and it ensures the seeds got fully hydrate before planting. 

step 2

Step 2: Moisten Seedling Mix 

Get hot water, a bucket and moisten the coco coir brick...or if your seedling mix is already moist, great. 

step 3

Step 3: Six Hours Later... Gather Supplies & Pre-Soaked Seeds

step 4

Step 4: Squeeze any excess moisture out of your soil so that you get a "wrung-out-sponge" consistency. 

step 5

Spread Seeds on Soil with Cute Metal Baby Spoon 

Carefully spoon out your seeds onto the soil...touching but not overlapping. If in doubt, spread more thinly.  Enjoy this Zen moment...sing a little to them. 

step 6

Sprinkle a little soil on top. 

Just because its fun (not necessary). you're welcome, I just made this more complicated for you for NO reason...except its fun. 

step 7

Cover and wait 3 days-ish

...until they are about 1/2 inch tall or so. 

step 8

Snip & Chomp. Enjoy Your Edible Lawn of Arugula... They are spicy. 

step 9

Don't Be Greedy: Share Your Bounty & This 1-Minute Arugu-Guide 

My hope is that the oxygen levels on this planet sky-roquette* because everyone can see, hear, taste and smell just how damn amazing home-grown fresh greens are. So share AND subscribe. Pwetty-Pwease. 

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Fun Arugula fact: Arugula is also known as rocket...I'm guessing because it grows so dang fast. The French call it "roquette". 


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