November 26, 2020

“I Can’t Grow Food in the Shade…” Really?

by christopherabdo

That's what I would hear from everyone...and because everyone said it, I thought it might be true. 

It's totally not.

As I mentioned in the Peter Burke's book "Indoor Year Round Salad Gardening", I was surprised to find out that seedlings you are planning to eat before they reach maturity...actually don't need that much light. If they stretch towards the light, that's just a bonus for you...because you'll get more out of that seed. 

As I dug deeper and learned more about how seeds geminate and grow...and how plants grow...I discovered that many seedlings can take, and in some cases actually prefer, warmer temperatures to grow that much faster. 

That's when I realized that on my hot and shady balcony, I could grow a whole bunch of scrumptious, delicious sunflower sprouts all summer long...even in the 100s 

(so long as I could keep them moist...but I'll have other articles on how I did of the many reasons why you should susbcribe probably.  

So what I loved about Peter's book is that it really opened my eyes to the reality that we can actually grow ALL KINDS OF THINGS!!! in places we wouldn't expect. The real problem is that most of the information out there comes from systems that are totally designed around big, huge, commercial farms. So that's what I'm looking to help change. If we had better education on how to grow the amazing plants that are possible, the changes we could make in the world would be awe-inspiringly-wonderfully beautiful. 

What I love about microgreens is they don't require the rinsing and chopping that salad greens at the store need...or the higher prices for getting them pre-cut, rinsed, chopped etc. Below is my mason jar lunch. Love opening up a jar of fresh. 

So you absolutely can grow food in shade. The question now you have the knowledge and skills to do it? 

Reply in the comments: What's your shady situation?

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