November 26, 2020

The 2min DIY Self-Watering Seedling Tray Tutorial (Just the How-To)…also Mosquito Proof

by christopherabdo

So here's a just-the-facts tutorial on making a  DIY Self-Watering Seedling Tray. Let me know: do you like the more "entertaining" versions, or this one better? Or would you like both? Drop a comment 🙂 


1. Egg crate (hardware store by the lighting section) 

2. 10x20 Nursery Tray, heavy duty 

3. Large water bottle or if you prefer glass it takes a little more work.

4. Wicking mat, capillary mat or 100% synthetic blanket. 

5. Plastic pots, leftover nursery pots or soil blocks if you use those. 

6. Scissors to cut egg crate, pots and brown paper bags 

7. Brown paper bags that act as a wick and hold soil in. 

8. Plants

9. Seeds

10. Water

If you're doing this outdoors and don't want mosquitoes...

11. Clear storage container that fits a 10x20 tray (bring it to the store) 

12. Binder clips, 4 or 5 big ones 

13. Mosquito netting or other screen. 


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