November 30, 2020

Welcome to the Sofa-Garden. Nature & Wonder

by christopherabdo

Share in the comments: When was the last time nature inspired a sense of wonder within you? Tell me about that time in the comments. 

My last blog post puts into detail what I cover here, so here's that: 

Before the farmer, the human. A path for humans and the humans who are our next farmers. 

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All other humans?  Read on...

Before there was a farmer, there was the gardener, before there was the gardener, there was the forager...and before there was the forager, there was the human. 

So there is a process I’m undergoing to make the world a more floral, edible, beautiful, alive place: 

I want to first bring love and meaningful contribution to the humans in my life. 

Then I want to invite and give whatever I can that might spark your inner forager or gardener…

Maybe that’s when you taste your first fresh fruit off a tree…

Or maybe it’s when you realize your accounting skills could have a profound social impact by offering them pro-bono to a regenerative farmer….

Or maybe it’s when you sit on the couch and primp and prune a few african violets and realize how wonderful that is. 

Then I want to help educate and empower you to create more plant life, in your life, that springs from a desire in your heart and that fulfills you in a deep and satisfying way. 

Then for those of you who realize your calling is to be the regenerative farmer: I want to help the whole community embrace you, support you and venerate you. It is time to honor and care for our farmers: they are the source of our true wealth (more on that in future articles later). 


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