January 18, 2021

I sooo wanna get filthy rich with you.

by christopherabdo

I'd like to get filthy, filthy rich with you. 

First off, I'd like to have a home that is so full and brimming with living things that give flavor, joy, oxygen, beauty and fragrance that I have an abundance to share with you. I'd like to be so filthy rich with soil microbes that I can bring some to any living flora in your life...and see those things become even more alive. 

A while ago, I was invited to a dinner at a very "wealthy" person's house. The house was filled with beautiful things but there was nothing living to eat, nothing growing, nothing changing. It seemed poor to me. Poor in plant life and poor in community. I had a thought: what is the point of this? 

If you haven't ever really had a deeper relationship with plants and/or nature, you might be  like me: you don't know what you're missing until you taste and touch the truth of it for yourself. 

Being alone, doesn't mean you're lonely..yet I long for connecting to nature and with others through nature. It has been quite difficult to do that. 

As a pre-teen, I faced quite a lot of rejection. So I walled myself off. So much so, that I had a dream that one day I would be surrounded by all types of life except humans. I would live totally alone, but be surrounded by all other forms of life...birds, plants, some bugs (had a bug-phobia), animals, all of it. A jungle. 

Life though, broke my heart open in little steps. Now I'm wishing to be filthy rich. Filthy, because I'm covered in soil and rich because there is an abundance of all forms of life and humans to share and celebrate that life with. 

I'm getting closer to living abundance, to plant prosperity, but I'm struggling and only sometimes succeeding at the "people" part of it. 

I absolutely would love to get financially rich, but it must coincide with being rich in relationships and "living" capital, otherwise its not worth it. 

Living capital, as described in the book "Regenerative Enterprise" is all the the flora and fauna and richness of ecosystems that we have forgotten that we need and love. What if you could be a billionaire, but most of the world was one hot parking lot? How does that sound? That would be extremely poor in living capital. That's what many of are societies are working very hard towards today. A lonely, life-poor, money-rich life. 

I didn't understand quite how malnourished my life was of, well, life until I began eating what I grew, and noticing I craved greens harvested the day of...that I also loved and cared for. I grew food that I felt genuine intrinsic gratitude for. I'm interested in creating this experience, this experience of being surrounded by life and making sure I offer this experience to you, so that if there is a deep sense of loneliness in your soul, a loneliness that is only filled by life that isn't an animal or human, you will feel what it is like to have a connection to plant life again...the way its been for thousands and thousands of years in human history (foraging, gardening, farming). 

Then you can let that experience influence you, and, in your time and pace, see what role it has for your life.  I'm gonna bring a whole lot of love and acceptance for where you are at...or at least I'm trying and practicing towards that.🙂 I just don't want to look back on my life, knowing I never invited anyone to have this experience, this is experience of being filthy rich (in plant life and community), together. 

Of course, soil is the foundation of all material wealth. Where as you can be rich in money and poor in all other forms of abundance, when you are rich in soil-life...there is cascade effect that paves the way for many other forms of abundance, financial included. Just imagine if you didn't pay for, or even paid less for, food, water, or shelter. Would that free up some funds for you? 

I'm the main person that enjoys all the flowers and food that I grow indoors. My skills are getting closer and closer to a threshold where I can see that I'll have lots to share with you, and... I'm excited. In my imagination, I would be the spring-time version of Santa Claus. ha. 

So my goals with this website, (eventually) would be to: 

  1. Develop a closer circle of community in Austin that works together to bring more life in our lives. 
  2. Show how on a global scale all of us who have air-conditioning/heating basically share a common, tropical climate....a commpon garden ground. So even in an apartment, you can bring more life into your life. 
  3. Build the relationships, with the soil, each other and the plants, to move this along. 
  4. This needs to be fun because I most definitely have a day-job.


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