January 22, 2021

Tetrastigma Quick Repot + Aquaglobe Alternative Experiment

by christopherabdo

In this video (11min) I'm repotting a Tetrastigma plant with my Aqua Globe alternative system. This doesn't have fungus gnats, its easy to see when the plant needs water, it allows for airflow to the roots, while also holding lots of back up water given to Mr. Tetrastigma when he needs it. My goal is to only need to actually check if my indoor plants need water once every two weeks, so that every other week, I can build/care for outdoor gardens/catch up on work stuff/ sit and enjoy it all. 🙂 

So, I'm actually super super critical about gardening gadgets. I'm kind on people, but can be pretty judgmental and harsh with gardening tools. 

Since what I need for gardening doesn't actually exist, I've had to improvise. I couldn't be more delighted to benefit from these ways of watering, and I'm hoping to make an easy way for you to do the same. 

I so WISH that there was a Steve Jobs of garden gadgets, especially with watering...but until then, I've slowly invented/assembled what I need to really get a massive amount of plants growing happily. In this video, you'll see one of my experiments towards that end. I'm pretty stoked about it.

I'm sooo looking forward to the day when someone tries this out with me, frees up time and effort + enjoys being able to have MORE plants, that are BETTER taken care of. Let's do this! Click the link above. 


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