April 27, 2021

I met my neighbors, and now feel deeply humbled and grateful.

by christopherabdo

I can't believe I went THIS LONG without meeting my neighbors. For years, I've been living in Austin, believing judgements in my head about people in my neighborhood, that they don't care about growing anything, that I can't find anyone that would share garden space, anyone that would want to grow food together we can share. In the span of two weeks, I have been gifts BLUE eggs from a lady who has chickens only a couple miles away from me, gifted fresh salad from a couple who has a FOOD FOREST! 3-ish miles away from me, made compost tea from a gardener friend's gifted compost and I put together this salad of what I grew and what everyone else gifted me. I'm deeply humbled, grateful and hopeful. Suspend your judgements of Austin, of your neigborhood, and of those around you, so you can get out of your head and into your community, feel less alone, and a have a belly full of locally grown life you did nothing to earn. Feel that gratitude grow into gifts for those near you. I've got a  delicious, vibrant  taste of what's possible. Who's with me? 

How to get involved: 

Are you in Austin? Join, start, or spread this message with anyone who would want to join or start a Thrive Hive. 

Are you not in Austin? Meet your gardening and food raising neighbors, offer to meet, offer to help, ask for help and keep going. I'll have more details and action steps on how to make that easier in the coming months 🙂 

How can we grow food  together we can share? 

Step 1: Find and meet the neighbors that are nurturing life. Plant life, chicken life, mushroom life, you get the idea. 

Step 2: Gift and Share. 


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