June 24, 2021

Urban Worm Bag: Quickie Video Review for Turning Food Scraps to Black Gold In an Apartment

by christopherabdo

00:00 Why buy a worm farm system if you can make it?

2:10 The advantage of being able to zip up the whole thing...

2:37 Why it's a tough sell for an apartment dweller, UNLESS...

3:30 One other thing I'd recommend getting with your worm bag...

4:00 Preventing flies in your worm bin

5:00 Improvement I'd recommend for the company...

5:42 What I'd recommend for easy harvesting...

Some surprising benefits (besides the obvious ecological benefits) I've gotten from keeping food scraps out of the trash and sink: 

1. My trash cans do not stink or look gross. 

-When I threw away food scraps in the trash, the trash can got pretty gross pretty easily. With food scraps going directly towards sustaining worm life, I rarely need to clean the trash cans. 

2. My kitchen sink is ALSO easier to keep clean 

-Using the garbage disposal for food scraps also was an extra chore that inevitably created more mess with the kitchen sink, so I often had to clean the sink more (can you tell I'm not into kitchen work? LOL) 

3. I turned a chore into a delight

-I didn't realize that once I had a place for food scraps besides the trash, it meant I didn't have to take the trash out as often...not only that, but I got excited each time I had scraps to feed the worms! Instead of a chore, I was feeding a "pet" (or lots of little pets). 

4. My plants love the worm tea and worm castings!!!!! 

-I make worm tea, which turns out to be great, organic hydroponic liquid fertilizer for my plants (although admittedly, it's quick and sloppy passive hydroponics). 

-I use the worm castings throughout my outdoor balcony garden too

So what do you do with your food scraps and cardboard currently? What's that been like? Would you try worms...or something else for food scraps? Drop a comment below


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