July 5, 2021

Contribute to life. Life will take care of you.

by christopherabdo

...I'm noticing a pattern. It's not always 100% true, but it's true enough. A pattern that passes through all emotional, physical, spiritual, prejudicial, ingrained-habitual...barriers. 

It is this: Many of the problems in our lives, in your life, in my life, and life on this earth, come from a lack of contribution towards life. 

Here's one very small example: 

I never have to think about exercise. There is so much life that depends on me, motivation to move is subconsciously ingrained in muscles through my innate love for the life all around me, 

because I am life.

I am not an Instagram account, a bank account, a whatever-account.  If I don't move, things die...

And if I don't move, with love for all, inside and out. I die. 

Look around your room right now. How much of it is alive and growing? Would changing that change you in deeply satisfying ways you can't even predict? How do you know for sure that you aren't deprived of life...if you don't move right now to test out the possibility? 

This is the first time perhaps in all of human history that we are surrounded by things that do not grow, that do not breathe, that do not change. We then wonder why our lives are  so hard to change. 

Just move towards life. It works. 


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