November 11, 2021

The Worm Farm Planter!

by christopherabdo

I needed a planter that...

Did not drain brown water all over the floor below me. 

Produced its own fertilizer. 

Allowed me to dump extra food scraps discreetly. 

Avoided attracted flies. 

Had wheels, so that I can move it to sweep (Ha! rarely sweep) 

Had a narrow foot print, so that it didn't take up space to sit, lie down, etc. on the balcony 

Had an attached trellis, so that I could get a little more privacy from my neighbors. 

Had a deep bottom, so that I could store LOTS of water for BRUTAL Texas drought. 

The list goes on...but that's a starter. 

So when I put together this Worm Farm Planter, I was thrilled to see it actually work months later! 

In this video, I won't go into the details of how I built this out of a trash can, but I WILL show you how the worm farm part of the planter works, because this would be an ultra easy way to start using your food scraps that applies to most situations pretty well. 

Because there are no flies or other yucky stuff, I would even take the risk of trying this out indoors! 

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