March 24, 2022

GIFT Garden Season 1 Episode 1

by christopherabdo

Well...looks like I'm the main garden person in charge of the GIFT garden! So with that being said, I want to share my journey of figuring out what it means to grow an outdoor garden that serves many needs in one fell swoop. Each episode will have a table of contents, starting with how you can help, then sharing what all we're growing and whatever else I/we feel like sharing 🙂 

The goal of these videos is to...

1.Have a living history of how this garden evolves. 

2. A handy reference to remember what was planted where.

3. A way to get everyone on the same page for those who want to help.

4. To have fun.

5. etc. 😉 

I will be posting new episodes whenever I feel like it and have the time. Yay! 

What's in the Video: 

0-3min What you can help with this weekend 

3:49-9:11 What all was planted where 

9:11-13:27 Garden Chatter 



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