So how does a Thrive Hive work? 

So you might exactly does a Thrive Hive work? 

There are many different ways you could set up a Thrive Hive, but basically it starts with one person who reaches out to others and shares whatever they can contribute, with an  invitation for others in their neighborhood (or within close driving distance) to share food, expertise, labor or land. 

Since that's pretty wide open, I've included how my Thrive Hive works, which a starting point that even an apartment dweller (like me) can start. Everyone in my Thrive Hive lives within about a 10min drive from the Super Target off of Lakeline Mall Dr.

If you happen to live  in nearby that Super Target, you can fill out this form to join. If you live near Jesse's hive by the Central Market off south Lamar, go to the Austin1Farm Facebook group and give 'em a holler!

If you live by neither area and want to start your own Hive, you can reach me at the contact form below and we'll help consult as you start one up 🙂 

So which of the 3 options appeal to you? Drop me a line 🙂 

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Learn to Grow Microgreens
Contribute land, resources, expertise
Grow Something to Share 
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Join Me in Becoming a Regenerative Gardener. 

Join me in my story as I try to  collaborate with nature to develop hyper-local ecosystem abundance, grow my own food despite living in an apartment and join with others to learn from their gardening stories. 

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