Korean Natural Farming: Secret Page

So I've put together this page, to make it easy to share what I'm doing with a select few others. Once I see how the first process works...and I have some solid experience to help someone get started...then I will actively promote a page devoted to IMO-1 of KNF. 

Below is a video I made (raw cuts) to show my first attempt, ask questions and rehearse the steps. 

Questions So Far:

How was my rice? Moist enough? I ended up spritzing more because it seemed too dry. 

Was two holes enough for the IMO to get in? 

I wasn’t really sure how to construct a cage for the rice box…I just sort of improvised. What did you do for your cage? 

How did you find spots to try out? Did you just pick a random spot? 

Does it have to be a paper towel on top? I thought I read that its only their to allow airflow and to sort of help keep bugs out…so I put bug screen...I hope that still works? 

Its going to freeze here tomorrow or the next day…will this work at all?