Sunday April 18th: Join Me at the Micro-greens @ Home Workshop! 

I'm excited to share what I've learned to grow most of my own greens...even in an apartment! It'll be on Sunday, April 18th @ 2:30pm at the little lake off of Lakeline mall dr. 

What will we learn? 

How I grow microgreens on a regular basis to grow 70% of my greens indoors, as well as some starting points for growing microgreens outdoors.  

How long is it? 

The workshop will be 90min long. 

What should I bring? 

Bring a camping chair,  a hat/sunscreen, an umbrella for shade or rain,  plenty of water and get ready to get your hands dirty. 

How much is it? 

The workshop is free, but you'll have an opportunity to donate if you like. 

How do I find out about more events like this in the future? 

If you want to join this workshop or learn about others in the future, you can head to my sign-up page to get on the mailing list for other events 😃 

Where will it be? 

Lake near the M at Lakeline apartments

10500 Lakeline Mall Dr 

Austin TX, 78717

The workshop will be outdoors at the Retention Lake next to the M at Lakeline apartments. You can park at the office there or along the road by the lake. 

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Join Me in Becoming a Regenerative Gardener. 

Join me in my story as I try to  collaborate with nature to develop hyper-local ecosystem abundance, grow my own food despite living in an apartment and join with others to learn from their gardening stories. 

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