Come to The GIFT Gift Economy Potluck  

Oct 9th 10am-1pm 

The GIFT-Growing Community 

THE GIFT — a community garden in North Austin. We are growing a better community by growing a garden for the community. Come visit us on Saturdays 10-1 to pick fresh veggies or meet the team. Drop off compost on weekends. Sign up for our email list to learn about special events (monthly bar b qs, education, music and more).  

When is it?

Saturday 10:00am-1:00pm 

2200 Justin Ln, Austin, TX 78757

What are we going to do? 

  • Plant Veggies
  • Compost your food scraps 
  • Have a Garden-Fresh Potluck Lunch (bring anything you're growing from your garden, no pre-packaged food please) 
  • Listen to and eat with musical  guest Justin Stewart

What the price for entry?

Food scraps + Subscribe to our list.

You can also bring any food from your garden (if you have one) and anything you'd like to donate, to the GIFT or for others at the event. 

What's the GIFT? 

(Grow. Inspire. Feed. Teach.)

A convivial gathering place for all carbon-based life forms seeding a “gift economy” by literally grounding our efforts in food production, preparation and distribution with song, beauty and intention of spirit. The GIFT is a garden-roots effort to help connect our local North Austin community with local food and enrich our lives by growing food together we can share, by having a central place  to donate food scraps and by getting to know your local organizations that are doing some damn good stuff for the earth. 

What should I bring?

-Food scraps

-Anything you'd like to donate 

-Water, good outside clothes

What about COVID? 

This event takes place outside, keep 6ft distance. 

Are kids welcome?


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Join Me in Becoming a Regenerative Gardener. 

Join me in my story as I try to  collaborate with nature to develop hyper-local ecosystem abundance, grow my own food despite living in an apartment and join with others to learn from their gardening stories. 

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