How to Make OverWatering Almost Impossible. 

So...I'm JUST getting started on this website, content, etc. That means it's gonna be a lil' rough y'all for a while! LOL 

Eventually...yes I will get a lovely article with sharing options, downloadable guides, the works 🙂 

Even though I wanted to go more in-depth here and show you step-by-step, I want to first get the general idea of what I'm talking about covered. If you'd like to see more though, be sure to subscribe below and you'll get notified once I have a full-fledged tutorial going. 🙂 

Oh, and I'm planning to have lots of spelling and grammar mistakes. Yay! Enjoy 

Here's How To Do It in Like, 5-ish-Minutes 


Can I use these for orchids?

oh yes! in fact, phalaenopsis or "moth orchids" that look like the image below, tend to do really well with them. 

What the best LECA/Clay Pellets and where to buy them?

If you'll be using a clear pot and you want the pellets to look pretty, I'd recommend Hydroton clay pellets, about $14 on Amazon. You can also sterilize and re-use them. So although they aren't the best for environment (they are mined) because I use them forever it makes a huge difference. I used to use perlite, but that falls apart over time and then you have to buy more. Its also really dusty. It CAN work though too, if you already have that laying around. 

If you are new to this, and you don't want to have that large of an amount all at once...and there is an IKEA store near can also get the ODLA clay pellets at IKEA for around $6 at the time of this writing. They come in smaller, easier to carry bags. 

If you don't care at all about looks, you can get these really ugly ones call "GrowIt" Clay pebbles that tend to be cheaper: 


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Join Me in Becoming a Regenerative Gardener. 

Join me in my story as I try to  collaborate with nature to develop hyper-local ecosystem abundance, grow my own food despite living in an apartment and join with others to learn from their gardening stories. 

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