To Dream, to Notice & Nurture

I don't know about you, but I see a lot of media revolving around dystopia. Everything that will go wrong, everything that needs to be changed, everything that needs to be fixed. 

And the brain, (at least from what I understand so far) is very good at making steps toward an imagined future. So if I'm always focused on how the world is all going to the craphole, my brain, in the background, is going to show me the way towards that particular future. Just like driving a car...when you are distracted your hands will naturally turn the wheel towards that distraction. 

This isn't always a bad thing...sometimes imagining the worst helps us face our fears. I would just like to make some more attentional room for seeing a utopia. 

Now what if we took a moment, to imagine what life could be like, if things got better? Well then our brain will start creating steps towards that. 

So my main focus then, is to see and imagine the good that is possible for this world. To see what is blossoming in myself, in you and in the world...and nurture that. 

Now imagining what life could be like if things got better is one thing I'd love to see more of in the world, but I also know that there is a danger in getting so caught up in a vision, that you lose track of and appreciate the now. Can I notice what is happening right now that is good? How can I support that? 

There are do-gooders that are actually making this change, now. 

If we can start imagining a clearer vision of a utopia, then we'll get a better sense of what we could do to move forward and we notice the good we are doing, we have a better chance of...

nurturing the good to fruition. Like literally. Imagine beautiful fruit trees filling the streets because we all saw in each other this gorgeous desire to make the world a beautiful place, and we did the growing necessary in our hearts to make it happen. 

I have to tell you, for a very long time, it was just me and little sprout in my heart and in my hand, totally alone and hoping to change that. I think I see a sprout in the that you? 

I have 3 options for you to take this article, and get a little utopia-sprout going in your heart:

To Dream:

Choose to dream how nature could bring goodness to you, your family or community and what that would look like. 

To Notice:

The next time you find yourself paying attention to a dystopian outlook of the future...imagine also what you would love to see instead.

To Nurture:

Find something someone is already doing that is good, and nurture that in some way. Here are some ways you might do that: 

  1. words of affirmation: tell them how much you appreciate what they are doing. 
  2. act of service: offer to help in some way (better yet, find out what they might need help with first) 
  3. Attention: bring attention to what they are doing...share on social media, share with friends, etc. 
  4. Gifts: contribute money or supplies to support them. 
  5. A big hug. 

Don't worry, if you find this article overly-sweet, unrealistic, unrelatable etc...I also have a totally grumpy-frusturated-gardener inside me that unleashes on those weeds in the beds. You'll get a chance to relate soon enough. 😉 

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Join Me in Becoming a Regenerative Gardener. 

Join me in my story as I try to  collaborate with nature to develop hyper-local ecosystem abundance, grow my own food despite living in an apartment and join with others to learn from their gardening stories. 

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